Francesco Garito


A Life in Jewelry


His never-ending research in the art of recycle doesn’t have boundaries, everything gain a new shape through the passion he pours into matter. This remarkable talent represent the reason that brought him to meet and cooperate with great fashion brands like Fiorucci, Prada, Romeo Gigli and more.
He also worked for the famous architect Giancarlo Montebello.

Francesco Garito

Fashion is a Dream

Francesco Ragalmuto Garito studied Goldsmith Art in Udine, Italy. He worked as a Jewels Designer for the Fashion industry in Milan in the 1980/90’s for Prada, Romeo Gigli, Marina Spadafora, Gianna Cassoli and Fiorucci.
He designed two collections for Barneys New York.
He also worked for the famous architect Giancarlo Montebello.

He distinguished himself with his own Jewels collections especially with jewels made from Nature elements.
For every collection, he writes a thema and his jewels are conceptual pieces of Art with a message from heart and soul.
Francesco, who has a large experience of working with different style and people, can be considerate one of the most interesting contemporary artist.

Designed and Handmade In House

Infinity Collection


Francesco moved during his childhood to Udine; graduated as goldsmith, he made the first steps towards the setup of his very own jeweler’s art. As a man of revolutionary ideas and incisive temperament, Francesco hardly settled down. Due to a series of unexpected events – or as he prefers to put it, Destiny – he ended up in Milan, where he maintained himself as a waiter in one of the most exclusive restaurant of the city.

Surrounded by peculiar characters, Francesco started networking in the world of fashion, art, and of course jewelery.
His passion couldn’t go unnoticed, and that same fiery vocation led him to be published on international magazines like Elle and others. Alight by his pure inspiration, the artist tend to involve the audience in his vision of freedom, nature, research, and respect of life.

Francesco Garito

The ghosts